Company Introduction
  Chairman : 許順雄
Managing Director : 許哲基
Employee Number : 99 people
Business Scope
  The main business of Yi-Ching Co. manufactures various types of printing correlated products, such as packing color box, paper handbag, POP, magazine & publication, label and types of designed paper products, and the printing of PP/PET/PVC products are included as well.

Our business scope contains the fine gift box, the liquor box, medicine packing box, the hard/soft box, the styled paper handbag, the file clamp and so on. Yi-Ching imports massive fine arts papers that are able to take custom order internally/overseas.
Company History
  The Yi-Ching special printing company, established in 1976, has implementing consistent work system, and presently the turnover is NTD 350,000,000 per year. In 1995, Yi-Ching moved to the 55000 square feet factory at Yongkang industrial district (Tainan, Taiwan), and was passed the regulation of quality guarantee ISO-9001, and the management system as well in 1999.

In 2009, Yi-Ching set up a design group and started providing not only OEM service but also ODM service.

Yi-Ching always devotes in diversified developing and had invested in the relational affiliates: In 1983 the affiliate UP-KIT CO. Ltd. was established to design and manufacture the fine stickers exported mainly to the Europe and America countries; the turnover is NTD180,000,000 per year. In 2008, the affilate BestCreation Corporation US was established in the United States, doing the business of importing fine stationery and DIY paper products from abroad and selling mainly in the North America.

For the past 30 years, Yi-Ching Co. has been devoted in the standard of processing of color printing; we purchased the CTP publication machine and the machine’s quality control installment, precisely operating from electronic manuscript, digital color proof, to the quality examine. We are stably progressing and growing in color management through the digital innovation and technological innovation, and our superior performance in color output has passed the regulation of ISO 9001 and the color standard certification(CSC). Yi-Ching persists with the management concept of “1. Quality guarantee 2. Efficiency first 3. Customer satisfied” for business continuity.