Packing Class
Various of boxes such as PVC, PP, and PET transparent paper box, demonstrated box, carton packing box, corrugated color box, special structure box, hanging box, hard luxury box, book/CD jacket, hand-carry box, pull-out box, square box.
Special Printing Products & Stationery
Standing table calendar, the handbag, envelope/letter paper, file clamp, paper notebook, scrap paper, magazine & book, backing strip, playing cards, various bookmark, collecting reward cards.
In-Store Display Notices
Various sizes of stands, file clamps, ceiling hangings, cloth flag, display rack, static sticker, laser label cards, shelf insert cards, vending machine insert card, triangle stand tags, jumping card, hanging tag.
Catalog, Advertisements & Promotions
DM, playbill, fan, catalog and handbook, scratch card, coupon.